Return values for rlm_exec scripts

Garry Glendown garry at
Mon Jan 8 16:36:23 CET 2007


I'm trying to configure dynamic values in the users-file, which works 
fine using the rlm_expr module. Anyway, due to some more complicated 
expressions that can not be formed using rlm_expr, I tried to set up an 
external script that will return the value I need ... only problem is: I 
can't seem to get the format right, and I can't seem to find any docs on 
what exactly to return so that the %{exec:...} entry will be used ... 
e.g, on a field that expects a numeric value, I tried something like this:

	Session-Timeout := `%{exec:/bin/echo 200}`

But all I get is this in the loggfile:

Mon Jan  8 16:05:24 2007 : Error: Exec-Program-Wait: /bin/echo 200: 
unparsable reply

What do I have to do to get FreeRadius to understand the return value?


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