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Guy Davies aguydavies at
Mon Jan 8 18:58:55 CET 2007

Hi Tim,

This sounds more like a routing problem.  Does the FreeRADIUS server
allocate addresses from the same pool as the old Lucent server?  If
not, it's possible that your router to the Internet doesn't have a
route back to the host addresses via the 3Com TC box.

If that's not it, then you might try doing a capture of the
Access-Accept packets coming from the Lucent and from the FreeRADIUS
server using wireshark and compare them to see which attributes are



On 08/01/07, Tim Tyler <tyler at> wrote:
> FreeRadius experts,
>    We are trying to run FreeRadius on a RedHat AS 2.1 system.  We use
> an external password file for authentication defined in the unix
> system (password = filename) section of radius.conf.  This seems to
> work fine.  Modem users can authenticate to our old 3com Total
> Control modem pool, but users can not access the Internet.  They can
> access all local domain servers on campus, but they can't get off
> campus.  This really should not be a firewall  issue as the same ip
> addresses are still associated with the modem pool.
>    Note: if we go back to our old Lucent Technology radius server
> running on AIX, everybody is fine and can access the Internet again.
>    I am trying to find out what might cause a modem pool to only work
> locally (access servers on our campus) after switching to FreeRadius
> particularly since it seems that the authentication part is
> working?  I know that the 3com Total Control modem pool is rather old
> but I don't know why it would behave differently from one radius
> server to another as long as authentication works.
>    I read in one of the FreeRadius archives that some users have
> experienced a similar problem of either very slow or won't work at
> all for some customers accessing the Internet via Freeradius
> authentication until they modified the MTU setting.  This is curious
> to me.  Is there a place in FreeRadius that I might change the mtu
> setting given that I am using an external unix password crypt file
> for all authentication?  If so, what mtu setting might be recommended?
>    Is there another possible explanation that might relate to Freeradius?
> any thoughts are much appreciated?
> Tim Tyler
> Network Engineer - Beloit College
> tyler at
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