Parse errors with Cisco-Avpair

Alan DeKok aland at
Tue Jan 9 11:12:55 CET 2007

William Gemmill wrote:
> I'm trying to use FreeRADIUS with a Cisco router to implement an
> authentication proxy.  However when I try to define a test user in
> users, I'm getting a parse error on the spaces in the ACLs.  Has anyone
> else implemented something similar?  I found several guides for cisco
> logins, but they did not cover ACLs.  Any help would be appreciated.

  The problem isn't the ACL's, but the format of the entry you provided.

> *users file:*
> steve Auth-Type := Local, User-Password == "testing"
> Cisco-Avpair="auth-proxy:priv-lvl=15",
> Cisco-Avpair="auth-proxy:proxyacl#1=permit tcp any any eq 26",
> Cisco-Avpair="auth-proxy:proxyacl#2=permit icmp any host",
> Cisco-Avpair="auth-proxy:proxyacl#3=permit tcp any any eq ftp",
> Cisco-Avpair="auth-proxy:proxyacl#4=permit tcp any any eq ftp-data",
> Cisco-Avpair="auth-proxy:proxyacl#5=permit tcp any any eq smtp",
> Cisco-Avpair="auth-proxy:proxyacl#6=permit tcp any any eq telnet"

  The reply attributes need to be indented.  You haven't done that.

  See the other examples in the "users" file, the examples in the FAQ,
and the "man users" documentation, which describes the format of each entry.

  Alan DeKok.
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