Freeradius-1.1.3 + Mysql ?

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Hi list,

I have found the mysql-server package but i haven't found the mysql-dev package could you tell me which one specific because there are many 

Adreas Polyxronopoulos

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> Hi list,
> I have compiled freeradius-1.1.3 with out any configure option. I don't have mySql server on my pc (ubuntu 6.10) . If i would like to store accounting information in mySql , what i have to do?  When i download mySql server package do i have to configure freeradius again or just configure radiusd.conf ?

if you built from source you will need to build from source again - this is because when you
ran ./configure, the automake script checks your compilation environment to see what libraries
and headers you have - thus what feature-sets can be enabled.

you will need to install the mysql-devel package to compile in support and install the mysql-server
package to have the mysql server and utils to USE mysql

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