Radius Server refusing to MS-CHAP

Evan Vittitow evan at terralab.com
Fri Jan 12 22:11:06 CET 2007

Phil Mayers wrote:
> Evan Vittitow wrote:
>> Contents:
>> localip
>> remoteip
>> option /etc/ppp/options.pptpd
> In which case I don't have any other suggestion.
> pppd decides what authentication algorithm to use - Radius does not
> have any choice in the matter.
> You might try enabling the various ppp debugging options (debub,
> kdebug) and inspecting the output.
> To be clear: nothing you can do in FreeRadius will make pppd use MS-CHAP.
> One more thing - looking back at a previous email, I infer you are
> setting Auth-Type in the "users" file to MS-CHAP? Don't do that. If
> the request is a real MS-CHAP request, the "mschap" module will set
> that itself. If it's not, setting it will just break things.
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Maybe thats part of my problem. What should that be set to then?

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