FreeRadius IRC...

Phil Mayers p.mayers at
Sat Jan 13 21:09:09 CET 2007

Evan Vittitow wrote:
> The issue is, I've done everything, a semi-competent Linux user with
> Critical thinking skills should do, I've been methodical. asnd
> disciplined and persistent. Yet still, I cannot succeed at this. This
> will make my University Career look bad. I just think I could use
> another pair of eyes, maybe I missed something.
> I feel like Edward Elric searching for the Philosopher's stone.

Ok, but few people have an interest in IRC it seems.

Assuming we're talking about your pptp problems, I'm puzzled frankly. It 
must be something basic, since getting poptop running against Radius 
under Linux is not *that* involved (it's not trivial, but it's a lot 
easier than many things)

To repeat what I've said elsewhere: If, as your debugging output 
indicates, "pppd" is sending CHAP requests, the problem lies with "pppd" 
and not FreeRadius, and you should ask on the poptop mailing lists, 
posting the syslog output with debugging enabled on both pptpd and pppd, 
the versions of your OS, pppd and poptop and configuration settings of 
your client - we can continue the conversation there.

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