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Cory Robson cory at cmi.net.au
Tue Jan 16 11:41:37 CET 2007

Whilst this is a good example it still doesn't suit my purpose. It requires
someone to constantly update the list for it to be effective. This is not to
be confused with the clients.

I have multiple roaming numbers, therefore if a customer is travelling
around and dials in at different locations I will receive a diff NASIP from
that local POP. As this information is provided in the account start/stop
and update packets then why enter them manually. Just drill through the
existing radacct table filtering on no stop time to see a list of active
NAS's and display them as I wanted.

No further updating the separate table.

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Cory Robson wrote:

>I'm hoping someone may be able to assist in modifying the user_finger.php
>script to retrieve the list of NAS's for the online users from radacct

Why not just use the nas table. In the cvs version of dialupadmin 
there's a file called lib/sql/nas_list.php3
It will read the nas table and get the nas list. You could try changing 
that one if it suits your needs.

>Basically instead of reading the text file and cycling through them to add
>the breakdown of NAS's I want to use something like 
>select DISTINCT NASIPAddress
>from radacct
>add them to an array and use the php gethostbyaddr() function to retrieve
>the true hostname to sort them by
>I don't need any of the snmp or NAS type or number of lines left as my
>upstream does not allow me to connect to verify the information anyway .
>This should just be a quick change for someone more talented than I to
>remove the existing loop and replace it with the relevant sql loop instead.
>Anyone ? 
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