building 1.4 (CentOS 4.4) MYSQL 99% home [unclas]

Ranner, Frank MR Frank.Ranner at
Wed Jan 17 02:09:17 CET 2007

Probably a file or directory has the wrong permissions. When you run in 
debug with -X the server runs as root. When you run for real it changes 
to user radiusd or whatever you set up.

Try strace -e open,stat -f radiusd and look for EPERM lines.


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> Thanks to help from many folks here, tonight I got one 
> property up and running on our new server. THANK YOU!
> Now, another question. When I start radius with > radiusd or 
> /usr/local/sbin/radiusd, I get a brief message "reading 
> configuration file..."; then, doing >ps aux | grep radiusd 
> returns nothing but my grep. If I start radius with >radiusd 
> -X all runs smoothly. Clearly, I need to be able to start it 
> in normal mode and be able to verify its process; what am I 
> doing wrong here? Version 1.4.
> - ANdrew
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