Freeradius and users with ADS domain

Marxy marxy at
Wed Jan 17 14:54:44 CET 2007

I has this configuration

[poptop pptpd & pppd & radiusclient]----[freeradius+mysql]-----[Microsoft

pptpd is 1.3.3 
pppd is 2.4.4 
freeradius is 1.1.3 
radiusclient is 0.3.2
mysql is 5.0.27

Clients go from internet, make auth via MS IAS/ADS, but accounting does
writing logs to file and to mysql DB.
All seems good. Clients go OK. Auth and accounting seems OK too.

But some clients use domain with their user names.
For ex: user smith sends ORG\Smith as username.

Its accounting string appears like this in
/var/log/radius/radacct/NAS1/detail-20070117 file
        User-Name = "ORG\\Smith"

But its accounting's UserName in the mysql DB (radacct table) appears as

What's going wrong?

It would be like an ideal situation when I could strip the domain from
user's names. I has the only domain in the net.
But in the common case I think it could be right to write the EXACT usename
as it sent by user.
I mean if the user authorizes as ORG\Smith it seems like accounting should
be done AS

User-Name = "ORG\Smith" in log file
and it should be
UserName='ORG\Smith' in the nysql database

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