Freeradius-Users Digest, Vol 21, Issue 58

Mike needacoder at
Thu Jan 18 20:45:43 CET 2007

> Mike wrote:
> > All,
> > When trying to use the "radauth" tool from nagios to monitor
> > freeradius, I get the following in the freeradius log:
> >
> > Error: WARNING: Malformed RADIUS packet from host ... too long (length
> > 18432 > maximum 4096)
> >
> > radtest seems to be ok.  has anyone else experienced this or knows
> > what is wrong?
>   I haven't seen it.  I note that 18432 is hex 0x7200.  I suspect that
> the NAGIOS people missed a 'htons()' somewhere, and the field should be
> 0x0072.

You are exactly correct.  Good catch.  For mailing list archives, the
simplest patch I came up with:

  /* copy the first 20 bytes of the radius header.  this size is static
   * per RFC.
  radhead->rad_length = htons(radhead->rad_length);
  memcpy(packet,(char *)radhead,20);
  radhead->rad_length = ntohs(radhead->rad_length);

rad_length is used elsewhere, so this is done to avoid breaking anything else.

Thanks for your help!  (I wonder how this always worked for xtradius
from the same machine?)

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