Best practices for redundant servers

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Fri Jan 19 08:32:36 CET 2007

On Fri 19 Jan 2007 09:10, Alan DeKok wrote:
> Graham Beneke wrote:
> > I remember reading about 'radsqlrelay' that does essentially this. It is
> > also mentioned once in radiusd.conf but subsequent searching has brought
> > up nothing worthwhile.
> >
> > Does anyone remember where there is doccumentation on this?
>   rlm_sql_log writes the logs
>   scripts/radsqlrelay reads them, and writes them to SQL.

I notice that everyone seems to be recommending radsqlrelay allot these days, 
but there are some very good reasons why you would want to use radrelay with 
an sql driver configured instead of radsqlrelay.

radsqlrelay  tails  a  SQL  logfile  and  forwards the queries to a database 
server... This means that the queries that are run are predetermined without 
the database having any say in the matter.

radrelay on the other hand can read multiple (if necessary) detail files and 
then run them though a standard radiusd.conf including module failover. What 
this means is that you can do things like writing your accounting records to 
a primary accounting table by default, WITH a unique constraint on the 
table, then writing records that violate that constraint (Module will fail) 
to a secondary table to post processing/investigation. This means that you 
can basically eliminate duplicate records, in one step, without post 
processing.. something that I am sure most people who actually bill 
customers using this information will find very usefull...

Now granted this IS possible with radsqlrelay by embedding that logic in a 
stored proceedure, however with radrelay the failover module could be 
another detail file instead of a sql table or anything else that your heart 
desires (that radiusd.conf supports)..



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