Cisco-AVpair rate-limit attributes

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Thanks  dear 

                        now my cisco-AVPair working with users file but tell me is it work with mysql tables ?  but i have notice when i set 64000 then my bandwidth meter give me 500 kbps u r passing is it any issue regarding rate-limit ???
 Satish Patel
Alexander Serkin <als at> wrote: satish patel wrote:
> Dear all
>               i have cisco VPDN with freeradius ( 1.1.4 ) on Suse 10.2 
> my users connect throgh the xp client useig vpn connection and useing 
> Internet Services but now thing is that i wann restrict user base 
> bandwidth means i want to set bandwidth 64kbps for user1 and 128 kbps 
> for user2 so is it possible through the Cisco-Avpair attributes. i have 
> find lots of document regarding cisco-AVpair attributes then i test it 
> on my network but i dont know it will working or not

You have to identify the Virtual-Access interface of this user when he 
is online and look at this command output:

sh interface Virtual-Access X rate-limit

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