Mac OS X EAP-TLS with wrong usename kills freeradius when check_cert_cn is set

Miika Räisänen mraisane at
Mon Jan 22 08:05:34 CET 2007

On 1/19/07, Alan DeKok <aland at> wrote:
> Miika Räisänen wrote:
> > Heres coredump gdb logfile
> >
>   Well, that's pretty clear:
> #0  0x00e97899 in cbtls_verify (ok=1, ctx=0xbff1e330) at rlm_eap_tls.c:257
> ...
>         handler = (EAP_HANDLER *) 0x1
>   That's not a valid pointer.  It looks like the handler is being freed
> somewhere.
>   Try the following patch, and run the server in debugging mode.  It
> won't fix the problem, but it might help track down where/why the server
> is freeing an EAP session that's still in the middle of doing SSL.
>   Alan DeKok.

Ok, patch applied and heres log files:

radiusd run:

and gdb after core dump:

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