The EAP Saga begins.

Evan Vittitow evan at
Mon Jan 22 21:03:46 CET 2007

I think a large part of my problem is the creation of a Certificate

This will get a little Hypothetical so let me lay a few facts out on the

Mandriva 2007 discontinues in favor of

Certificates as far as I know, at least the demo certs are in
/etc/pki/tls - not /usr/lib/ssl

Its very possible, that said Certificate authority for Radius could
hypothetically be used layer for IPSec. This being the case, what would
the best strategy be for implementing a PKI CA. Should I make one Cert
for every host? One server host and one client Cert for all hosts?
Different CAs for different Services? How will Mandriva's architecture
change affect this?

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