Small problem with authentication

Mark Jones mjones at
Tue Jan 23 19:26:46 CET 2007

Jan 23 10:32:46 radius freeradius[6262]: rlm_unix: [mjones]: invalid 
Jan 23 10:32:46 radius freeradius[6262]: Login incorrect: [mjones/xxxxxx] 
(from client port 0)
Jan 23 10:32:46 radius freeradius[6260]: Login incorrect: [kjrumble/xxxxxx] 
(from client port 0 cli 
Jan 23 10:32:47 radius freeradius[6261]: rlm_detail: Failed to aquire 
filelock for /usr/local/var/log/radius/radacct/detail-combined, giving up

That is an exccert from our log this morning. Two users were denied access 
even though they supplied the correct username and password. This happens 
all the time exactly a few seconds prior to the filelock error. The file 
lock error is being generated because I use radrelay. I am running version 

Any ideas on how I can fix this as denying users access is a big problem.

Thanx in advance.


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