Why Freeradius and Mysql dont work?

yao guoxian yaoguoxian at gmail.com
Mon Jan 29 05:14:24 CET 2007

Thanks again.
    The file "/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock" does not exist.When I use an IP in
sql.conf instead of the "localhost", I get the following result:

rlm_sql (sql): Driver rlm_sql_mysql (module rlm_sql_mysql) loaded and linked
rlm_sql (sql): Attempting to connect to root at 202.117.X.X:/radius
rlm_sql (sql): starting 0
rlm_sql (sql): Attempting to connect rlm_sql_mysql #0
rlm_sql_mysql: Starting connect to MySQL server for #0
rlm_sql_mysql: Couldn't connect socket to MySQL server root at
rlm_sql_mysql: Mysql error 'Host '' is not allowed to connect
to this MySQL server'
rlm_sql (sql): Failed to connect DB handle #0
rlm_sql (sql): starting 1
rlm_sql (sql): starting 2
rlm_sql (sql): starting 3
rlm_sql (sql): starting 4
rlm_sql (sql): Failed to connect to any SQL server.
Module: Instantiated sql (sql)

2007/1/29, Edvin Seferovic <edvin.seferovic at kolp.at>:
>   rlm_sql_mysql: Mysql error 'Can't connect to local MySQL server through
> socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (2)'
> rlm_sql (sql): *Failed to connect DB handle #0 *
> rlm_sql (sql): Failed to connect to any SQL server.
> your socket file is not in the place.. maybe you should use an IP in your
> sql.conf instead of the "localhost" !
> Regards,
> E:S
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