Freeradius and Oracle under Cygwin

Brian Atkins batkins at
Mon Jan 29 12:33:05 CET 2007

I'm working on using Freeradius with Chillispot to authenticate from an 
Oracle database. Freeradius is running on W2K3 server and Oracle is 
installed on the local machine.

At this point, I'm trying to compile the rlr_sql_oracle module, but keep 
$ ./configure --with-oracle-home-dir=/cygdrive/d/oracle/ora92
"configure: WARNING: oracle headers not found.  Use \
configure: WARNING: sql submodule 'oracle' disabled"

I have set ORACLE_HOME to the Cygwin path:

Is anyone currently authenticating against Oracle that might be able to 
offer pointers? I do have the alternative of compiling on a true linux 
server as opposed to a W2K3 box, but the architecture is different (AMD 
em64T instead of x86).


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