Disconnect user in radius

Michael Lecuyer mjl at theorem.com
Wed Jan 31 18:56:02 CET 2007

You can send a Disconnect-Message from the RADIUS server to the client 
to disconnect them if the NAS supports DM/COA. The DM will cause the NAS 
to drop the connection effectively disconnecting them from any services 
they were using.

Dennis Skinner wrote:
> satish patel wrote:
>>                I have useing freeradius with microsoft mssql now my
>>question is how do i disconnect user from freeradius means example:-
>>user xyz is online and i want to disconnect user from radius so what is
>>the option for this task ?? is there any script or any option to
>>integrate with webpage of dialupadmin ???
> You need to change your thinking.  The user is not connected to RADIUS.
>  Never was.  That isn't what RADIUS does.  The user is connected to your
> NAS.  Check the NAS docs for disconnecting a user.

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