Questions on Acct-Interim-Interval

Vinay Wagh wagh at
Tue Oct 2 20:46:36 CEST 2007


A couple of questions on Acct-Interim-Interval

1. I wanted to know if the Acct-Interim update that comes from the NAS has
any relevance as far as the user session maintained in the radius server is
concerned. Meaning that is it treated like a keep-alive of some sort. If the
Acct-Interim-Interval is configured to be 100 seconds and the NAS sends the
Interim-Update after 200 seconds does the freeradius server care ?

2. What is the typical value of this attribute, I ask because if this value
is configured to be small then it will generate a lot of interim updates
from a NAS that supports large number of subscribers. At the same time I am
not sure how the service providers who deploy the server use this Attribute
and how often do they want the updates.


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