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Wed Oct 3 16:52:51 CEST 2007


I'm wondering if anyone has an opinion of the right meaning for input  
vs. output with respect to acct-in/output-octets/packets?

In RFC 2866, it says:

  	Acct-Input-Octets =  This attribute indicates how many octets have  
been received from the port over the course of this service being  

In the manual of a popular commercial access controller, it says:

	Acct-Input-Octets =  Number of octets/bytes received by the customer.

Which is a rather "outward" way of looking at the "port" referred to  
in RFC. I have also seen it defined in the reverse way. To be  
standard with commercial gear, I have taken the above definition as  
being the 'right way' ... other opinions?

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