IPv6 deployment "howto"

Mark J Elkins mje at posix.co.za
Mon Oct 8 10:28:56 CEST 2007

I'm looking for some assistance on deploying IPv6.
I'm currently using FreeRADIUS Version 1.1.6. I have for testing a Cisco
3640 running C3640-IK9S-M.
The cisco has properly routable IPv6 addresses on its Ethernet and
I currently allow clients to dial to this device using the E1 (ISDN-PRI)
and with 30 mica modems. Currently - I issue IPv4 addresses to clients
and all is working well. I run MySQL as the admin backend to FreeRadius
- ie thats where my clients info is stored.

Usually - a client will be given a dynamic IPv4 address from a local
pool of addresses configured on the Cisco... some (very few - but
importaint) clients have static addresses (ie - for pre-defined holes in
their company firewalls - etc).

I'd like to also be able to provide dialup clients with IPv6 addresses -
in addition to any IPv4 address.
I think that I'd like to have a pool of IPv6 addresses on the cisco and
to be able to provide clients with a /64 block (might look at a /60 or
/56 one day). To do this in IPv4 - I send to the
NAS/Cisco. So whats the IPv6 equivalent?

I expect to stay with FreeRADIUS Version 1.1.6 for now and understand
that packets between the NAS and Radius will be via IPv4. Thats fine -
though one day I think I expect to see FreeRadius listening on both IPv4
and IPv6 at the same time.

The WIKI has little to say on IPv6 - except that IPv6 support is better
on FreeRadius2.0 - but IPv6 attributes can be supplied from pre-2.0
versions of freeRadius.

So - can anyone help me please?

What magic lines would I need to add to my Cisco and what magic to add
to FreeRadius?
Anyone have Dialup clients being issued IPv6 addresses yet?

1 - I expect to add some sort of IPv6 field to MySQL (ie - for a static
IPv6 address or to signify the NAS to use a Dynamic address)
2 - I expect the "authorize_check_query" and other SQL queries to change
a bit... ie return IPv6 data - without breaking IPv4 only NAS's
3 - I expect to add an IPv6 pool and other lines of magic to my Cisco.

just need a little help...? Someone must have done this already!

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