Simultaneous-Use and PEAP doesn't work correctly.

Marcotte, Tyler tmarcott at
Wed Oct 10 18:38:14 CEST 2007

>   So?  Why would you expect it to send an Access-Reject?  If you watch
> what happens next in the conversation, you should see the side effects
> of the Simultaneous-Use.
>   I'm not surprised at this behavior.  It's what is *supposed* to
>   Alan DeKok.

I can understand that nowhere in any documentation does it say that an
Access-Reject is sent back (I just double-checked to verify). However,
what I don't understand is why not?

If you're using this with 802.1X (which I'm trying to do) the radius
client most likely does not understand reply-messages. It only
understands Access-Challenges, Requests, Accepts, and Rejects for types
of RADIUS packets. It can also understand other Vendor Specific
attributes depending on the vendor, but I've yet to encounter one that
can understand a Reply-Message.

If a End User isn't allowed onto the network because he's already logged
in, why wouldn't you want to send an Access-Reject? 

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