Server crashes

Alan DeKok aland at
Fri Oct 12 15:57:54 CEST 2007

Amr el-Saeed wrote:
> Sorry
> the config. was in the first email
> I have this configuration
... thread stuff.  There's usually a LOT more configuration than that.

> start_servers = 20
> max_servers = 400
> min_spare_servers = 30
> max_spare_servers = 60

  I would suggest setting:

  start_servers = 400
  max_servers = 400
  min_spare_servers = 0
  max_spare_servers = 400

  If the server doesn't start with those parameters, it's because your
OS doesn't let you start that many threads.  In that case, go fix the OS.

> i need 10,000  per second

  I doubt that very much.  That's a billion packets per day.  Or, it's
500K users logged in all of the time, each of whom is online for only 10

  There are large ISP's with 10+ million users who see only hundreds of
requests per second.  You're talking about 100 times that, which is very

  Please explain why you need such a HUGE number of requests.  It may
help solve the problem you're seeing.  Do you have a billion users in
your ISP?  Or do you have fewer users than that?  How many users do you
expect to see online at once?  How many minutes are they online for at a

  Also, most databases can't handle 10k writes per second, (some can't
handle 10k *reads* per second).  So it's very doubtful that you'll be
able to do anything with 10k packets/s, even if the RADIUS server itself
can handle them.

  I'm not aware of a single RADIUS installation on the planet that needs
10K packets per second.  And even the ones that handle hundreds to
thousands of packets per second split those packets among multiple
machines.  i.e. If you have a 10M users in your ISP, you can't afford to
have everyone go offline because your ONLY RADIUS server died.  You will
need 4-5 RADIUS servers for service stability, at least.

  The result is that any one RADIUS machine will normally NEVER handle
more than a few hundred packets per second.  If you need more than that,
your network is designed wrong.

  Alan DeKok.

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