Darwin DirectoryServices (warnnings)

Arran Cudbard-Bell A.Cudbard-Bell at sussex.ac.uk
Sat Oct 13 22:46:31 CEST 2007

Alan DeKok wrote:
> Arran Cudbard-Bell wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Running radiusd 2.0pre2 (cvs head)
>> Just checked the system logs on one of our radius servers, and i'm
>> seeing some strange error messages from directory services.
>> Oct 12 12:02:50 wolverine DirectoryService[54]: Potential VM growth in
>> DirectoryService since client PID: 9179, has 675 open references when
>> the warning limit is 500.
>   Hmm... the only OpenDirectory code in the server is in rlm_mschap.  If
> you set "use_open_directory = no" in the rlm_mschap configuration, this
> issue *should* go away.
DirectoryServices API debugging shows radiusd is no longer making calls 
against OpenDirectory, will test patch from Steve Simon on monday.
>   Unless, of course, you're actually using OpenDirectory.  In which
> case, the bug would need fixing.
>> Could this explain the possible memory leak in radiusd, that only seems
>> to appear on Darwin ?
>   Yup.
Early private memory usage stats still aren't looking good, i'll give it 
some more time to settle though.

>   Alan DeKok.
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