rlm_passwd pulling file?

Joe Mom jomom at jomom.net
Tue Oct 16 19:47:48 CEST 2007

looking for some sort of indication that the radius.conf file is working.

I've created a section in the radius.conf file under modules as per
man rlm_passwd

 passwd tcovc_group {
                filename = /home/ftpuser/export.txt
                format = "*User-Name:LM-Password"
                delimiter = ":"

but either my hash is not working properly or its not pulling the
user:passwords from the file.

I checked in the startup.log file after doing a HUP and i dont see any
indication that it pulled the data from the file. I also did a reboot
of the system to be doubly sure.

is there a spot that i can eliminate the possibility of the file not
being pulled in or just a muck up my me :)



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