allowing multiple values through the attribute filter

A.L.M.Buxey at A.L.M.Buxey at
Mon Oct 22 12:38:29 CEST 2007


i've got a remote site that we want to trust a few return attributes
from.... no problem. configured. however, there are 2 different attribute 
values for one of the attributes and i'm not quite sure of the syntax
available for
        Session-Timeout <= 28800,
        Idle-Timeout <= 600,
        Tunnel-Medium-Type == IEEE-802,
        Tunnel-Type == VLAN,
        Tunnel-Private-Group-Id == testvlan

this works...and allows ONLY 'testvlan' attribute to be returned
but I also need to accept 'othervlan' and a structure of

Tunnel-Private-Group-Id =~ ( /^testvlan$/ || /^othervlan$/ )

doesnt do what i need.  is this do-able in attribute filter
or can I construct something in unlang  (this is a 2.0.0pre2 server)



PS I've tried setting 2 per the 

Framed-Protocol == PPP,
Framed-Protocol == SLIP,

Tunnel-Private-Group-Id == testvlan,
Tunnel-Private-Group-Id == othervlan,

but that just stops EITHER of the return attributes from working.  bug?

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