Configure authentication via LDAP Group membership issue

David Hobley david.hobley at
Tue Oct 23 08:10:51 CEST 2007

I have set up a VPN pointing to a FreeRadius server and have it 
authenticating successfully against my LDAP server, but I would also like to 
limit access to only those people who are a member of the VPN group. 

Normally, this would be simple, but because of the LDAP server I am using, 
the hierarchy looks like this: 

User Account: 

ldapsearch -h ldap -x -b "dc=MY,dc=DOMAIN" "(uid=firstname.lastname)" 
dn: uid=firstname.lastname,ou=people,dc=MY,dc=DOMAIN 
uidNumber: 1024 

Group entry is: 

ldapsearch -h ldap -x -b "dc=MY,dc=DOMAIN" "(cn=VPN Users)" 
dn: cn=VPN Users,ou=groups,dc=MY,dc=DOMAIN 
memberUid: 1024 

So I need to somehow configure Radius to search on me, get my uidNumber and 
then search on the group. If I skip the searching to get the uidNumber, I 
can configure the Radius (for this single account) correctly: 

In the ldap module I include: 
groupname_attribute = cn 
groupmembership_filter = "(memberUid=1024)" 
with the following entry in the users file: 

Fall-Through = 1 

DEFAULT LDAP-Group == "VPN Users" 
Service-Type = Administrative-User 

and this works as expected, but is there any way I can substitute the 1024 
for an ldap search result so I can dynamically return the uidNumber for the 
%{User-Name} field? 



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