Freeradius doesn't detect EAP when authenticating against MySQL

Alan DeKok aland at
Tue Oct 23 12:00:16 CEST 2007

primoz wrote:
> Aah, i like the reverse psyhology approach here, but I'm just trying to
> gather information and knowledge from different sources.

Q: Hi, how does RADIUS work?
A: here's how...
Q: But web works differently...
A: So?
Q: Why are you so mean?
A: <sigh>

> Sorry for my newbiness, will dive into the documentation and decide
> whether to use PAP or store passwords in clear text.

  Once you decide which authentication mechanism to use, the choice of
storing passwords MUST be taken from the web page I showed you.

  i.e. you DO NOT have a choice as to how to store passwords.  You MUST
pick one of the available options.  Picking any other option means that
your selected authentication method WILL NOT WORK.

> EAP_TTLS would work, but windows XP client doesn't support it, and i
> would like to avoid installing extra supplicant.

  So... read the web page.  Decide if it's OK for you to store passwords
in one of the approved formats.  If not, decide that it's OK for you to
NOT use that authentication mechanism.

  It's not hard.  It doesn't require reading massive documentation or
how-to's.  It involves reading what's possible, believing it, and making
a choice from the possible alternatives.

  You can then move on, and devote time and effort to understanding
complicated problems.  Don't waste time trying to figure out
EAP/password compatibility when there's a web page giving you ALL the

  Alan DeKok.

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