Proposed Freeradius - Kerberos authentication

Josh Howlett Josh.Howlett at
Tue Oct 23 16:57:48 CEST 2007


> I've been reading the FAQs, the man pages, and going over 
> mailing list archives, and also the info at 
>  I thought I should start by checking 
> that I'm heading in the right direction before trying 
> building stuff.  I'm proposing that we use Freeradius to 
> authenticate the connections to the wireless APs using the 
> MIT Kerberos server.  If this is possible, would it be done 
> using EAP-TTLS from the clients, and the Auth-Type would need 
> to be defaulted to Kerberos so that the
> rlm_krb5 module would be used?  I'm basing this on the 
> Protocols page in conjunction with a thread from earlier in 
> October about EAP-TTLS and Kerberos.

You're heading in the right direction.

Note that if the synced passwords all exist in the AD, you can also
consider the use of EAP-PEAP; the principal advantage being the use of
the Windows native supplicant; this does not support EAP-TTLS without
the use of third-party tools.


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