Access-Reject in a php script

Patric patrict at
Fri Oct 26 11:22:52 CEST 2007

manIP wrote:
> Hi everyone!
> Thank your for your answers...
> Alan, Patric has totally right. I've set the reject_delay to "0" and the 
> result was the same.
> I really don't want to touch to the source code and I am sure we can 
> find another way
> 1) if there is a server timeout, is it assumed as an Access-reject (or 
> does the user will be given access ?)

It is not assumed as an access-reject, it is taken as a no-response, 
which is not desirable, but the outcome is the same - The user will be 
denied access.

> 2) for instance, executing a script from another language which exit 2 
> from PHP...I tried it with a sh script and it does not work
> 3) If I reply with a Session-Timeout := 0...may be it will be the same 
> effect (I know it is not clean but I have no other choice

I dont think you want to do this. If for example, the client has been 
set to reconnect on disconnect, you will be flooded with connection 

> 4) If the previous solutions do not work, I will probably have to change 
> the Patric, I think the name of the file has changed: it is 
> rlm_exec.c instead of exec.c. Also, After compiling it, could you give 
> some hints to uninstall the previous version and to install the new 
> version properly.

Yes the file name is rlm_exec.c

What I did was download the source rpm, install it, make the changes in 
the /usr/src/redhat/BUILD/ directory, change the version in the spec 
file, and build an rpm. This way you can manage your installation much 

> Thank you for your comprehension.
> Khalid



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