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Peter Nixon listuser at
Mon Oct 29 11:26:25 CET 2007

On Thu 04 Oct 2007, wlan at wrote:
> Hi Alan,
> >   No.  The standard is the RFC.  The portmaster text is just  
> > additional
> > text from the people building RADIUS systems.
> >
> >   It is NOT vendor specific.  Do NOT say it is vendor specific.
> Ok... I deserve a good slap for that one  ;)
> I will start thinking of it as vendor specific brokenness. But, my  
> reality remains the same.. the meaning depends on the NAS being  
> broken or not.


I have seen this discussion also on the chillispot list, and as you correctly 
point out there are several vendors who use this value reversed which is 
very very stupid. Let me assure you that all commercial equipment I have 
personally come across uses it they way the RFC specifies. (ie from the 
point of view of the NAS)

I think chillispot/coovachilli should default to the RFC behaviour (even if 
you provide a switch for interop with broken billing systems) and anyone who 
has broken NAS with FreeRADIUS can either request a firmware upgrade from 
their vendor or work around the brokenness with some FreeRADIUS 
configuration. (It may be usefull for someone to document how to work around 
this with a regexp or SQL config..)


Peter Nixon

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