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                i need also this kind of setup i want to replace AAA ACS with freeradius but i dont know how accouning work in this case and authorization of cisco LEVEL base can u provide me doucment of URL for this setup 

"Hawkins, Michael" <MHawkins at tullettprebon.com> wrote: Hi all,

I am very familiar with Cisco Secure ACS for AAA of Cisco devices. I am
considering using FreeRadius at another customer site instead of Cisco
Secure ACS.

Will I still be able to control command execution (authorization) etc
via FreeRadius? Or would I be restricted to authentication only?

What do people recommend I use as a web front end for FreeRadius when
managing AAA on a Cisco network via FreeRadius?

I've seen daloradius but that is geared to wireless hotspots. I've taken
a quick look at phpRADmin and also ASN but I'm not sure which one is
more mature and would like to know other peoples thoughts. Or is
dailupadmin itself good enough?

Any advice given is very much appreciated.

Mike Hawkins
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