The best encryption/access control scheme

Ian Truelsen ian.truelsen at
Tue Oct 30 23:18:13 CET 2007

I have become in charge of a small wireless ISP at my local marina and
am looking for the best way to control access and encrypt for security.
Currently I have a Linksys WRT54G router running DD-WRT firmware and a
PC that I have now converted over to a linux box for freeradius, etc.

The major stumbling block is that we have clients with equipment that
cannot deal with WPA encryption, and so, I think, I am forced to use WEP
key. Now, the main concern is access control, as in the past there have
been those in the area abusing the open AP and draining all the

So, what would be the best scheme to use for setting this up? Is a
freeradius login/pass scheme with WEP key encryption the best that I can
manage, or are there other options? 


Ian Truelsen
s/v Sting
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