Basic usage: What do I do next to get this to work?

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> IPCop is actually pretty good for this as it uses one of it's
> interfaces for wireless access based on granting each node specific
> access by MAC, but it can be any network node, it doesn't have to be a
> wireless device.
> All of our public workstations are on this interface so the machines are
> verified at the proxy.  Now I just need to get the RADIUS piece in place to
> validate the users.  IPCop can require RADIUS authentication on top of the
> MAC filter.   It sounds good on paper, I just need to find the easiest way
> possible for my users to deal with the RADIUS piece of the model.

Alternativley you could install the copspot plugin on ipcop ( )
It implements chillispot and gives you a captive portal which can talk to
you radius for AAA.

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