Freeradius does not assign IP from main_pool

Alan DeKok aland at
Tue Aug 5 18:07:17 CEST 2008

Xiaochen Jing wrote:
> I want to use Freeradius to assign IP addresses to clients from
> main_pool. After all set up (I think), L2tp tunnel is established but
> user cannot get an IP from Freeradius. From the Reply message, I see no
> IP is replied to user.

  And the debug log says why.

> Could anyone take a look at the debug and give me a hint?

  You need to read the debug log, not just the Access-Accept.

  And it would be good to READ the configuration for the "ippool"
module.  The comments give examples for how to configure it.
> +- entering group post-auth
> rlm_ippool: Could not find Pool-Name attribute.

  Read the comments for the "ippool" module.  Look for "Pool-Name".

  This is documented [1].

  Alan DeKok.

[1] This is becoming the new mantra.

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