Radius server request from new server.

User for Free Radius mail list f-radius at pcez.com
Wed Aug 6 04:19:17 CEST 2008


We are trying to figure out how to do an auth from one client but not from 
another.  Let me explain: For our DSL clients we use a separate radius 
server and backup server. For everything else (dialup, news) we use 
"other" servers. Our problem comes in that we set all DSL clients on these 
"other" servers to Auth-Type := Reject for each DSL customer, unless they 
subscribe to discounted dialup service as well.

The problem is if the DSL client wants to use the news servers, the 
"other" radius servers will not auth the client for news.

Question?? How can we direct the authentication for a news server but not 
the dialup servers without using separate radius servers.

Did that make any sense?



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