service-type passed in response

Josh Yost josh.yost at
Wed Aug 6 20:57:39 CEST 2008

I am having a problem configuring management users for Cisco WLC. Here's
my basic users file:

DEFAULT     Service-Type = NAS-Prompt-User,
                   cisco-avpair += "shell:priv-lvl=2",
                   Fall-Through = 1

test      User-Password == "xxxx"
             Service-Type = Administrative-User,
             cisco-avpair += "shell:priv-lvl=15"

The problem I am having is that when user "test" logs in,  the
access-accept packet passes the DEFAULT Service-Type Value (along with
all other attributes in DEFAULT). I only want the default Service-Type
value to be passed if I don't otherwise have one assigned in the
individual users' entries.  Any Assistance here would be much

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