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Frederick William Borges Pohl at
Wed Aug 6 22:54:26 CEST 2008

Thanks again, Alan.

Radius is now running and working fine.

I tested it using radtest 

"radtest fpohl <password> localhost 1812 <password>"

and I got an OK result

"rad_recv: Access-Accept packet from host port 1812, id=162, length=20"

My question is now regarding users.

The user fpohl is a regular Unix user I created with useradd but it does not belong to the same group as radiusd.

It is configured as follow:

radiusd:x:107:109:Radius daemon:/var/lib/radiusd:/bin/false

ns1:~ # id fpohl
uid=1000(fpohl) gid=110 groups=110,16(dialout),33(video)
ns1:~ # id radiusd
uid=107(radiusd) gid=109(radiusd) groups=109(radiusd)

How can I configure freeradius to only accept connections from users that belong to the same groups as radiusd?

What I really need is to not allow all unix users to be a radius client, only the ones that belong to a specific group.

If my questions are too basic and there are documents on the web that can help new users like me, please show me the way.

Frederick Pohl

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> After running /sbin/ldconfig -v , I was able to execute radiusd.
> The only weird thing is that the daemon is not showing when I type ps aux.
> Even after running /usr/sbin/radiusd, nothing happens.

yep - at this point you run

radiusd -X

to see whats wrong

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