problem returning a mapped LDAP attribute in EAP auths.

Roberto S. G. roberto.santos at
Fri Aug 8 14:16:56 CEST 2008

I'm migrating to FR2.0.5. After setting the new conf style, everything 
runs smooth and ok... but now I have a strange behavior: I have an 
attribute mapped in ldap.attrs file (as in FR1.1) but it's returned in 
the Access packet only in "clear" auths; with "EAP" auths, it is mapped 
(as -X shows), but it is not returned...
Both sites-enabled/* files has the same conf: ldap uncommented in 
author. and authent. sections.
Do I have to activate something more? Does the virtual_server 
configuration change returned attrs in some way? (different default 
modules activated)?

Thanx for any suggestion.

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