problem returning a mapped LDAP attribute in EAP auths.

Roberto S. G. roberto.santos at
Mon Aug 11 12:06:13 CEST 2008

 >  Did you set "use_tunneled_reply" in eap.conf?  This is also in 1.1.x.
 >  Alan DeKok.

Yeah!, it works if "use_tunneled_reply" is set to "yes" (though tunneled 
data is -in my case- the same). Thank you very much!
If this can help: I've run FR1.1 (various versions, last one v1.1.5), 
with this attribute unset, as in per default conf file, and it worked!. 
The only thing I can imagine is that previous versions had a different 
default value (?).
Thanks again!

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