registered to wrong realm

Yoho, Cindy Cyoho at
Mon Aug 11 17:45:47 CEST 2008

Everything works down to the "Configuring Freeradius to use ntlm_auth
for MS-CHAP.  I am using  
the doc at
When I try to connect through modem bank, I get this

> rlm_realm:  Looking up realm "" for User-Name = 
> "cyoho at"
> rlm_realm:  No such realm ""

When I registered my linux server with AD using the "net join -U
administrator" command, it came back successful but said it was using
"Short name UMPH" - is there any way to force it to use the realm? I don't remember the exact message, is it ok to
run this command again so I can write down exactly what it said? Should
I "UNjoin myself first :-)?  I thought at the time that it was fine,
since the Windows login screen has UMPH in the pulldown for network
logins, but our AD admin said the AD domain and the AD realm are both, and the UMPH is a holdover from "the old days".

Thanks in advance for any help~
Cindy Yoho

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