FreeRadius, MySQL, MAC Authentication w/ Dynamic VLAN

James Taylor jtaylor at
Thu Aug 14 09:42:08 CEST 2008

Hello everyone!

I am currently tasked with a new project where I have been asked to move our currently working 'users' file into a manageable MySQL DB (we have over 500 user entries so it's understandable). Below you will find a currently working entry from the 'users' file.

Mac-addresss Auth-Type := local, User-Password == "password"
        Calling-Station-ID == "mac-address",
        Airespace-Wlan-Id = 5,
        Airespace-Interface-Name = Wireless WLAN Name,
        Tunnel-Type = VLAN,
        Tunnel-Medium-Type = IEEE:802,
        Tunnel-Private-Group-ID = VLAN-ID

As you can tell this is a wireless user and of course I have the dictionary attributes added (like I said it is currently a working users file) but my question is how to take this information and add it to the MySQL radius.radcheck database?  From what I am seeing the ID is a primary key and must be unique and there is only one attribute field.  I may be asking this incorrectly but, does the DB read the rows starting with the ID 1 being the first user and continue down until the next user entry and return all the rows into Radius for authentication?

If you have any possible pointers it would be greatly appreciated!   Thank you everyone!

James Taylor
FCIP Networks
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