MySQL + freeradius problem

Igor Sawczuk isawczuk at
Thu Aug 14 17:15:49 CEST 2008

I have problem with freeradius and MySQL.
I run successfully freeradius using users file, but I wanted to
migrate to MySQL,and from then I have a lot of problems.
First of all, I got errors in radius.log that I not understand:
Thu Aug 14 16:16:17 2008 : Error: rlm_radutmp: Logout for NAS XXXX
port 285213359, but no Login record
Thu Aug 14 16:16:17 2008 : Error: rlm_sql (sql) in sql_accounting:
stop packet with zero session length. [user 'user_XXX', nas
Thu Aug 14 16:16:21 2008 : Auth: Login OK: [user_XXX] (from client
XXXX port 285213359 cli #XXX#ZZZ#VVV)

I get this logs, when I shutdown old radius, and start new which is using MySQL.
I don't know why, NAS is still asking for user_XXX and radius always
gives error msg (above).

The question is:
1. Should I change something in my radius+MySQL configuration? (for
ex. add additional atributes radreply)
2. Should I wait, until everybody logout from old radius, and the start new.

Thanks in advance.

btw. If you are from Poland, and know how to resolve my problem,
answer some questions about radius and you could help me in exchange
of good sushi restaurant, please let me now. :)

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