Freeradius in an AD environment on opensuse server

Murray, Elizabeth [DNR] Elizabeth.Murray at
Thu Aug 14 21:21:36 CEST 2008

OK.  Following the suggestions, I installed the application for the application to track changes.  Not so easy to do.  I now give up.

I followed the instructions and when I run the test it asks me about the .hgrc file.  Not to be found anywhere.

This will have to be step by step for me.   Good way to check you site though!!!

Liz M
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Murray, Elizabeth [DNR] wrote:
> Thanks.   Glad I didn't get this last night or I wouldn't have slept!!!

I'm happy not do have disrupted you sleep ;-)

> I will have multiple access points spread across a large geographic area that will authenticate to a series of Radius servers located in the internal network.  Any other suggestions would be appreciated.  I've got most of this in my head so I need to do some writing.  I'm here for 2 days then vacation.  I almost don't want to go because this has been such a frustrating task for me.
> Thanks again.  Any more ideas would be appreciated.

Just one consideration. Do your IT envirnonment have to be resilient to
a loss of a server or WAN line ? If not I would not bother to have more
than one radius server; if yes you should already have in place backup
domain controllers, so I'd map a radius server for every backup domain

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