FreeRadius 2.0.5 AD PEAP

Brooks, Kyle Kyle.Brooks at
Mon Aug 18 21:32:47 CEST 2008

>> There might be a slight miscommunication here these are two separate 
>> boxes. Our production box is 1.1.7 and this new box 2.0.5
>  That's nice.
>  Do the clients have the certificate for the CA that signed the server
certificate?  It seems not.

The clients have the certificate for the CA, same CA being used for the

>> I have created the certificates using your scripts or openssl and
>> had them signed by our Windows CA.  The appropriate OID's are there 
>> according to the certificate authority.
>  That's nice.  I asked if you were using the *same* certificates.  It
seems not.

I copied the exact same certificates (private, certificate_file and
cacert) from production to the new box with no change

I will do some more reading of what I can find then if no success I
guess give up.


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