Crash on x64?

John Dennis jdennis at
Tue Aug 19 16:22:37 CEST 2008

Alex Balashov wrote:
> Alan DeKok wrote:
>> John Dennis wrote:
>>> Actually, on Fedora & RHEL you don't need to rebuild with debugging
>>> symbols on. All packages built for Fedora & RHEL always have matching
>>> debuginfo packages which can optionally be installed, which once
>>> installed will give you line number information in the debugger.
>> Nice. That should help.
>> Alan DeKok.
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> Whatever the problem was, it definitely went away on 32-bit Debian. 
> Same version of Postgres, libpq, FreeRADIUS, etc. About the only thing 
> that could possibly be different is the precise glibc2 revision.
FWIW, I recently investigated a similar memory corruption problem with 
freeradius reported by glibc on RHEL 5. I was not able to reproduce it 
on a current RHEL 5.2 system. The fact I couldn't reproduce it does not 
in and of itself mean anything, the memory corruption could require a 
specific series of events to trigger it, but I do believe glibc had been 
updated between the original report and my efforts at reproducing it. 
This might corroborate your observation (or might not :-)

John Dennis <jdennis at>

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