EAP-TNC supported?

Martin Schneider martincschneider at googlemail.com
Wed Aug 20 14:32:58 CEST 2008

Hello everybody,

I've got two questions:

- I read in wikipedia, that the spring 2008 release of FreeRadius has
"experimental EAP-TNC" support. I couldn't find any information on the
FreeRadius homepage or wiki, that this information is correct. Has FreeRadius
EAP-TNC support? And "how experimental" is the EAP-TNC support?

- In case FreeRadius supports EAP-TNC, is it possible to run EAP-TNC
"inside" a EAP-TTLS tunnel? EAP-TTLS as outer method and EAP-TNC as
inner method?

Hope anybody can help me! Thank you in advance


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