Unknown AVPs

Jeffrey Sewell jeffrey.sewell at gmail.com
Sat Aug 30 01:06:37 CEST 2008

I've got a FreeRADIUS server that takes in Accounting data that is  
proxied to it from another server. In the Accounting packets I see  
AVPs that are tagged "Unknown-Attribute." I assume that's because  
either the originating server or the FreeRADIUS server is missing a  
dictionary file/entry to identify the Attribute.

First question: is that assumption correct?

If so, who sets that Attribute, the originator or the target?

And more generally: as these are written to the MySQL DB I see that  
they are pulled off the packet and stored as variables that are  
accessible in the sql.conf file for example:

AcctSessionTime = '%{Acct-Session-Time}'

Is that variable pulled directly from the packet? So that whatever  
attribute is in the packet, it will be named %{whatever} ?

I've got other data coming in that I need to store in the SQL DB and  
suppose that I'll need to modify the sql.conf and the radacct table in  
order to get them in there.

Any insights/thoughts/direction would be appreciated.


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