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Thanks Alan,

I will look into that. 


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Adrian wrote:
> The Users file would look like this:
> DEFAULT              Huntgroup-Name == �Test_Group�
>                                 Authentication-Type = Accept, (*** this
> line no longer works in 2.1.1. It errors out with Invalid Octet string
> �Accept� for attribute name �Authentication-Type�)

  Because that attribute doesn't exist.  It has *never* existed.

  In 1.x, this invalid configuration would get silently ignored.  In
2.x, you get an error.  This tells you that the configuration doesn't do
what you think it does.

> In Freeradius 2.1.1 I�ve implemented the huntgroup table in the backend
> which works well (using mysql and the guide provided below by John.) I
> need to know how can I send the attributes above to the NAS based on the
> sql huntgroup match which I get back from the SQL query?  I�ve tried to
> add a group in the radgroupreply table that sends back all necessary
> attributes however that did not work as the huntgroup was not being
> checked against the radgroupreply table.

  The SQL "radgroup" defaults to be for user groups, not huntgroups.

> Running radiusd �X I can see that the huntgroup is identified correctly
> and I get a ++ [request] returns ok from it however I�m not sure how to
> send it the above attributes from sql instead of the users flatfile. 

  See the "dialup.conf" file.    The SQL queries for group queries are
editable.  You can change them to select based on huntgroups if you want.

  Alan DeKok.
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