problem with proxying

Riccardo Veraldi Riccardo.Veraldi at
Tue Dec 2 11:12:59 CET 2008

freeradius 1.1.3 on CentOS 5.2

I have problem with proxying.

In a normal proxying configuration
when the username contains a domain different from local defined one
the request is proxied to the DEFAULT proxy entry.

Here instead proxy does not happen
and I have this warning in the logs:

    rlm_realm: Found DEFAULT, but skipping due to config.

I do not know why this happens.

to make proxy happen I have to force it on users file

DEFAULT Auth-Type = System
        Fall-Through = 1

DEFAULT        EAP-Type == EAP-TTLS, Proxy-To-Realm := DEFAULT

but after the proxying, the authentication always fails with login 
incorrect, and this is really misterious.

thank you


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